Mr. Jon Reyes
  • Jon Reyes MS (Ret'd), SSM (NATO), Manitoba's Special Envoy for Military Affairs
  • Mandate letter (pdf 337 KB)


Jon Reyes was elected as a Member of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba (MLA) for the riding of St. Norbert in the 2016 election and re-elected as a MLA for Waverley in September 2019. He has been Manitoba's Special Envoy for Military Affairs since May 2016.

The Special Envoy for Military Affairs

We are honoured to have members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) stationed and living in many communities in Manitoba. These regular and reserve force members are among our most outstanding citizens, and we value their service to our province and our nation.

We know that serving in the military can be a challenging and demanding career. Regular forces members can be deployed away from home and family for extended periods, and military families are often relocated throughout Canada.

To ensure our CAF members and their families feel welcome and appreciated during their postings in our province, and to help them address the unique challenges of military life, the Manitoba government has appointed Jon Reyes, MLA for St. Norbert, as Special Envoy for Military Affairs. Jon will be devoted to supporting and encouraging the well-being of all military families living in Manitoba.

The Manitoba government is proud to support CAF families in Manitoba.