Becoming a Parent

Whether you’re a new parent, about to become a parent or just thinking about starting a family, the Manitoba government offers a wide range of information and services for you. 


See a doctor early in your pregnancy and have regular checkups. Maintain good prenatal care and plan for a healthy baby.

  • Plan for a healthy baby
    A variety of health and nutrition tips for mom and baby, and other useful information for moms-to-be.
  • Midwifery services
    Midwives offer a new choice for you and your baby.
  • Healthy Baby program
    Healthy Baby is a two-part program in Manitoba that can offer financial help and social and educational support through community programs.
  • Physician directory
    Find a doctor.
  • Family Doctor Connection
    Are you looking for a family physician?  The Family Doctor Connection line will find a family physician in your area accepting new patients.  Call 786-7111 in Winnipeg or toll-free 1-866-690-8260.
  • myrightcare
    Knowing where to go will help you receive better health care, sooner.
  • Health Links – Info Santé
    Health Links is a 24-hour, 7-days a week telephone information service. Staffed by registered nurses with the knowledge to provide answers over the phone to health care questions and guide you to the care you need.

Maternity and Parental Leave

  • Maternity leave
    An unpaid leave, taken by mothers near the end of a pregnancy or immediately afterwards.
  • Parental leave
    Taken by fathers and mothers to care for a child after birth or adoption.
  • Employment Insurance
    You may also be entitled to Maternity and Parental Benefits through Employment Insurance.

After the baby is born

Visiting Programs

  • Families First
    Families’ First offers home visiting supports to families with children, from pregnancy to school entry at no cost.
  • Insight Mentoring Program
    Formerly called Stop FASD, Insight provides a unique, three year, intensive service to women 18 and over.  Women who are pregnant or  have recently given birth and used alcohol or drugs during pregnancy are welcome to enroll.

Benefits and subsidies

  • Prenatal Benefit
    The benefit ensures women meet their extra nutritional needs during pregnancy. Forms are available from the office below or can be downloaded online.
  • Manitoba Child Benefit
    Provides monthly benefits to low-income Manitoba families needing assistance with the cost of raising their children.  This benefit replaces the Child Related Income Supplement Program (CRISP). 
  • Rent Assist
    Helps low income families receiving income assistance to pay their rent.
  • Child Care Subsidy
    Helps eligible families with the costs of child care. 
  • Child and Family Benefits
    Financial benefits from the Government of Canada.

Adoption and Foster Care

  • Adoption
    Find out about the adoption process.
  • Post Adoption Registry
    The Post-Adoption Registry provides non-identifying information, search and reunion services to eligible family members who were involved in an adoption that was granted in Manitoba.
  • Foster Care
    Find out how to become a foster family.


Find day care, parenting guidance, and other links to help in the development of your child.

  • Child Care Online Registry
    The Manitoba Child Care Program makes it easier for families to find and apply for licensed child care in Manitoba..
  • Manitoba Parent Zone is a dynamic, made-in-Manitoba website designed to provide parents with trusted resources and information to help them with the world’s toughest and most rewarding job – parenting.
  • Early childhood development pamphlets
    Download pamphlets on various subjects such as caring for a child with a fever, temper tantrums, early childhood fears and more.
  • Early Childhood Development Initiative
    The Early Childhood Development Initiative, in partnership with Healthy Child Manitoba, is designed to help preschoolers get ready for school.
  • Parent-Child Coalitions
    Brings parents, community organizations, school divisions and health professionals together through community partnerships across the province to support parents, improve children’s nutrition and literacy and help communities help families.
  • Make it Count
    This online guide provides information, activities and tips for parents to engage their children in responsible money management.