Getting Married

The following are things to consider as you plan your new life together:

Before your get married

  • Marriage licence
    You will both need to be present to buy a marriage licence from a registered issuer in your area at least 24 hours before the ceremony.  The marriage licence is only valid in Manitoba and only for three months from the date of purchase.

After your ceremony

Your religious institution or marriage commissioner will complete and send the Marriage Registration to Vital Statistics to officially register your marriage.

  • Marriage certificate
    Marriage certificates are not automatically issued. Forms for a marriage certificate are available from Vital Statistics by mail, telephone or in person. You may apply online or download an application form to request a certificate.

Changing your name

  • Choosing a surname
    Find out the options for choosing your surname after marriage.
  • Changing your name after marriage
    If you have chosen to change your surname, you will need to change your name on your personal identification and documents.  In most cases, a marriage certificate will be required.  (PDF, 26.12 KB)

Changing your address

Common-law Registry

  • Registering a common-law relationship
    Property rights laws in Manitoba apply to unmarried couples or those in common-law relationships.  A common-law registry Vital Statistics Agency gives common-law partners the opportunity to register their relationship if they wish to do so.