Basic Autopac is mandatory in Manitoba and is available to every Manitoba resident from the Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation and Autopac brokers around the province. When you purchase the basic autopac coverage, you're purchasing protection in the event of a personal injury, all perils collision or third party liability claim. You can choose to enhance the basic coverage with optional Autopac coverages. Some options include increasing your third party liability limits, reducing your deductibles, or purchasing excess value coverage (for high end automobiles).

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Manitoba Public Insurance, Justice
234 Donald St, Box 6300
Winnipeg , Manitoba R3C 4A4
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T: 204-985-7000
1-800-665-2410 (in North America)
F: 204-985-3525
Claims experience letter and personal driver abstract fax: 204-954-5357
Commercial driver abstract fax: 204-985-8105
Traffic Accident Report fax: 204-954-5372