Human Rights

The Manitoba Human Rights Commission enforces the Manitoba Human Rights Code. Anyone in Manitoba may file a complaint about discrimination, employment, housing, public services (such as stores or schools), etc. The commission also promotes equality of opportunity and freedom from discrimination, regardless of ancestry, sex (including pregnancy), family status, source of income, disability, religion, sexual orientation or other protected grounds and educates the public about human rights.


Main Office

Human Rights Commission, Justice
7th Floor, 175 Hargrave St
Winnipeg , Manitoba R3C 3R8
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T: 204-945-3007
F: 204-945-1292
1-888-884-8681 (in Manitoba)

Rural Manitoba Office(s)

341 - 340 9th St
Provincial Building
Brandon , Manitoba R7A 6C2
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T: 204-726-6261
1-888-884-8681 (in Manitoba)
F: 204-726-6035