Regional Health Authorities (RHA)

Regional Health Authorities are health boards responsible for the delivery of health care services to Manitobans. They provide a reorganized, sustainable health system that balances health promotion, disease prevention, and institutional and community-based services


Main Office

Regional Health Authorities, Health, Seniors and Long-Term Care


Winnipeg Office(s)

Access St. Boniface
170 Goulet Street
Winnipeg , Manitoba R2H 0R7
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T: 204-940-1150
F: 204-940-1177

Seven Oaks Health and Social Services Centre
Unit 3, 1050 Leila Ave
Winnipeg , Manitoba R2P 1W6
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T: 204-938-5600
F: 204-938-5609

Access NorWest
785 Keewatin S
Winnipeg , Manitoba R2X 3B9
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T: 204-938-5900
F: 204-938-5994

Access River East
975 Henderson Hwy
Winnipeg , Manitoba R2K 4L7
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T: 204-938-5000
F: 204-928-5119

Access Fort Garry
135 Plaza Dr
(serves Fort Garry, Lindenwoods, River Heights, St. Norbert, Whyte Ridge, Postal Codes: R3T, R3Y, R3V, R3L, R3M, R3N)

Winnipeg , Manitoba R3T 6E8
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T: 204-940-7091
F: 204-261-0888

Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA)
4th Floor, 650 Main St
Winnipeg , Manitoba R3B 1E2
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T: 204-926-7000 Administration
F: 204-926-7007

Access Downtown
640 Main St
Winnipeg , Manitoba R3B 0L8
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T: 204-940-3638
F: 204-940-2116

Access Transcona
845 Regent Ave W
Winnipeg , Manitoba R2C 3A9
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T: 204-938-5555
F: 204-938-5511

Access Winnipeg West
280 Booth Dr
Winnipeg , Manitoba R3J 3R5
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T: 204-940-2040
F: 204-940-2574

Rural Manitoba Office(s)

Prairie Mountain Health
150A 7th St
Brandon , Manitoba R7A 7M2
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T: 204-578-4000
F: 204-578-2820

Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority
233A Main St
Selkirk , Manitoba R1A 1S1
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T: 204-785-4700
1-855-347-8500 (in Manitoba)
F: 204-482-4300

Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA), Churchill District
Churchill Health Centre
Churchill , Manitoba R0B 0E0

T: 204-675-8881
F: 204-675-2243

Prairie Mountain Health
155 Brindle Ave., Box 10
Souris , Manitoba R0K 2C0
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T: 204-483-2121
1-888-682-2253 (in Manitoba)
F: 204-483-2310

Prairie Mountain Health
625 Third St SW
Dauphin , Manitoba R7N 1R7
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T: 204-638-3010
1-800-259-7541 (in Manitoba)
F: 204-629-3418

Southern Health/SantÚ Sud
180 Centennaire Dr, Box 243
Southport , Manitoba R0H 1N0
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T: 204-428-2720
1-800-742-6509 or 1-800-RHA-6509 (in Manitoba)
F: 204-428-2779

Northern Health Region
84 Church St, PO Box 130
Flin Flon , Manitoba R8A 1M7
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T: 204-687-1300
1-888-340-6742 (in Manitoba)
F: 204-687-6405

Northern Health Region
163 Edwards Ave, Box 240
The Pas , Manitoba R9A 1K4
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T: 204-627-6800
1-888-340-6742 (in Manitoba)
F: 204-627-6805

Southern Health/SantÚ Sud
94 Principale St, Box 470
La Broquerie , Manitoba R0A 0W0
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T: 204-424-5880
1-866-716-5633 (in Manitoba)
F: 204-424-5888

Medical Records
Northern Health Region
871 Thompson Dr S
Thompson , Manitoba R8N 0C8
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T: 204-677-2381
1-888-340-6742 (in Manitoba)
F: 204-778-1413

Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority
24 Aberdeen Ave, Box 339
Pinawa , Manitoba R0E 1L0
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T: 204-753-3101
F: 204-753-2015

Northern Health Region
867 Thompson Dr S
Thompson , Manitoba R8N 1Z4
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T: 204-677-5350
1-888-340-6742 (in Manitoba)
F: 204-778-1424
1-888-340-3742 (in Manitoba)


T: 204-926-7825