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Application for a Child Abuse Registry Check - Self-Check (Mail)

Child Abuse Registry checks are required for people who want to provide services to or work for a child and family services agency, an adoption agency, a day care centre or a nursery school. Applicants for many other types of jobs and volunteer positions with access to children will require a registry check, too. Any adult who wants to foster or adopt a child, and any adult who will live with them, must be screened by the registry. If you are asked to provide a Child Abuse Registry check for yourself, use this form to apply for it. 


Adult and Child Abuse Registries, Families 777 Portage Ave
Winnipeg , Manitoba R3G 0N3

T: 204-945-6967
1-855-844-8834 (in Manitoba)
F: 204-948-2222

Department/Crown: Families
Category: Application