Dealing with Death

Dealing with Death

Here are some information and resources to help you with the many details that must be seen to when someone dies.

What to do first:

When someone dies in a hospital or similar care facility, the staff will usually take care of some arrangements, such as contacting the funeral home you choose, and if necessary, arranging an autopsy.

  • Death Certificate
    A death certificate is the official registration of death which is needed to deal with money or property left by the person who has died.  The funeral director will issue copies of a proof of death that may also be used under certain circumstances.
  • Organizing the funeral
    A licensed funeral director can arrange the funeral for you as well as other things such as newspaper notices, flowers and religious services. 
  • Pre-arranged funerals
    If you think there were arrangements made to prepay a funeral, contact the organization or business that the deceased may have made arrangements with for the funeral service plans.  A list of prearranged funeral services licensees is available.
  • Wills
    A will is a written document that controls the disposal of a person’s property after death.  Check for the deceased’s personal effects at home or in their safety deposit box, or contact persons that may be in possession of the will.
  • Insurance policies: Find out if the person who has died had any private health, life or accident insurance policies that may contribute towards the cost of a funeral.  Then contact the company to inquire if there is any payment available.
  • Probate
    Take a look at these frequently asked questions about probating a will through the courts.
  • Public Trustee
    In the case of estates of people who have died with no one else capable or willing to act as administrator or executor, contact the Public Trustee.

Who to notify

Federal Government
The following Government of Canada offices need to be notified when a person passes away:

Provincial Government
The following Government of Manitoba offices need to be notified when a person passes away:


  • Employer – if still working
  • Company Pension Plan
  • Banks, credit unions
  • Credit Card companies
  • Insurance companies
  • Health Benefits
  • Utilities
  • Landlord